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10 Badass Traits of Revolutionary Entrepreneurs

I’d argue that most entrepreneurs get in the game for two reasons: to be truly in charge of their lives and to make money doing it.

But none of us can ignore the fact that busting into capitalism looks and feels different for each of us, depending on our identities. (That’s assuming we can bust into it at all.)

Pushing back against stereotypes, kicking through institutional barriers, and watching out for our own greed are only a piece of the entrepreneurial pie.

Here are 10 seriously badass traits of revolutionary entrepreneurs.

#1. We charge our worth.

How many times have you been afraid to up your prices? Felt pressured to give discounts? Caved to criticism from people who couldn’t afford you?

If no one’s told you yet, let me be the first: what you offer costs every penny you think it does.

Revolutionary entrepreneurs base our pricing off of our worth, our profit margin, and our income goals. Because we deserve that and then some.

We know that our target audience will pay top-dollar to work with us or buy from us. We know that they value people who value themselves.

#2. We say no. Regularly and often.

If you say yes to any client, any check, or any so-called opportunity, you’ll find yourself drained and disheartened. Your soul will feel it first, soon followed by your wallet.

Revolutionary entrepreneurs do away with the old wisdom that all sales are good sales. The customer is not always right. Hell, the customer isn’t even always the customer.

We decide who we work with. We decide who gets our time and energy. (Service providers, I’m speaking directly to you on this one!)

Don’t ever be afraid to turn down a check if the situation or client isn’t right for you. Our courage got us into this game, but it’s our discernment that sees us through.

#3. We own our authority.

That docile bullshit doesn’t fly here. Are you an expert? Then act like one.

We’re not responsible for giving people the warm fuzzies. We’re not responsible for lowering our voices or downplaying our strengths for someone else’s comfort.

Revolutionaries know that when we’re right, we’re right. We know our shit, after all. And we won’t be bullied into submission of any type. Bossy ain’t a bad word, baby.

#4. We own our authenticity.

There’s no competition in business. Not like you might think, anyway. If you try to do everything like everyone else, obviously you’ll have a harder time standing out.

But those of us who do this entrepreneur thing right? We’re fully aware that our greatest asset is our individuality.

Our ideal clients crave our truths, our genuineness. They see themselves reflected in us.

They recognize that we’ve long since shaken off the weight of other people’s expectations. We make our own rules, and we show up as who we are. And for that they respect us.

And for that we respect ourselves.

#5. We don’t apologize.

Sorry for what? Not a damn thing.

Not for our success. Not for our knowledge. Not for our confidence.

Thank you, moving on.

#6. We set boundaries.

“Boundaries” is our second-favorite b-word.

Boundaries are our life blood. They are simultaneously the back bone and forerunner of every decision we make in our businesses.

Our boundaries are immovable. We know that when boundaries are pervious, the self-respect and authority that is our bedrock crumble.

And we can’t have that. We won’t have that.

#7. We expect respect--and we give it.

Before we’re anything else, we’re human beings. We only work with people who see us and treat us as such.

We deserve deference, we walk with dignity. Just as importantly, we encourage others to do the same.

We don’t pay subpar wages, and we don’t allow servitude. We prioritize humanity and integrity above all else. Truly revolutionary entrepreneurs make our money without sacrificing our morals.

#8. We leverage our profits wisely.

It’s still business, though, and we’ve got to play this game strategically.

First, we maximize our earnings. Next, we reinvest our coins. Then, we turn our wealth into generous salaries, foundations, nonprofits, and legacies.

We put on our own oxygen masks so we can make sure everyone else gets theirs on, too.

This capitalist system can eat your soul if you let it--but radical entrepreneurs learn how to beat the system so they can beat the system.

#9. We don’t shit on anyone else.

Real entrepreneurs respect everyone’s right to hustle. We don’t steal each other’s work, and we don’t knock anyone down to prop ourselves up.

We want everyone to eat. Hell, we’re in the kitchen cooking. We’re fixin’ plates.

There’s space for each of us because we hold space for each other.

#10. We always have one hand extended back down the ladder.

When it’s all said and done, revolutionary entrepreneurs recognize that barriers to financial freedom still exist for others, even when we push past them ourselves.

The legacies we build, the assets we accumulate--they mean nothing if we don’t find ways to widen the wealth pool.

Victory is more joyous when every teammate gets to play, and we see that. We don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, and we actively work on micro and macro levels to change the game entirely.

How will you revolutionize your business?

Aware, justice-minded entrepreneurs operate at the crux of capitalism and compassion.

We weren’t given this system, and we don’t much care for it. But we realize that we have to work within it until we can overcome it.

And that means upending the conduction of business entirely.

Which of these traits do you already have? What else could you add to the list? How can I help embolden the revolutionary inside you?

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