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I'm Sarah.

About Me

I detest being broke, and I fucking hate being told what to do.

... Obviously traditional employment isn’t for me, so I own businesses instead.

My Bio

I grew up in rural North Carolina in a kind but traditional family. I didn’t realize how greatly I had been conditioned to be subservient until a few years after I left home. I had always been pushed to go to college, find stable work, start a family, swallow my tongue, make men happy, blah blah blah. I was always in trouble for rebelling against those norms, but I could never articulate why that plan didn’t jive with my spirit. I wound up internalizing my family’s expectations and disappointments, instead of fanning my innate fire. 


Fast forward to the mid-2010s. I had three post-secondary degrees under my belt and made a decent living working in sales. I hated the uncertainty of our pay structure, though, and couldn’t stomach the pervasive sexism in our company. Desperate for something more meaningful and more consistent, I headed to grad school to become a teacher--a job I knew I’d dread.


With that one decision, I made the same mistake so many of us do: I played it safe. I betrayed myself and caved to other people’s lack of courage, because I lacked courage myself.


But at some point, no matter what you come from, you have to take responsibility for your life’s directionality. Finally, I reached that point. 


Would I continue robbing myself of who I was for comfort’s sake? Would I continue the cycle of depending on a low-paying job or someone else’s finances to get by? 


Or would I finally grow some ovaries and go after my own life?


One pair of fully-formed ovaries later and three months after opening my first business, I was earning enough that I could’ve quit teaching right then and there. I stuck with education a little longer, leveraging these income streams to launch The Follow Through Firm only ten months later.


Now, I teach reluctant or struggling entrepreneurs how to get shit done. Together, we’ll develop your ownership mindset, strategize your business launch, and make sure you’re in a position to scale.

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These values permeate my coaching style and business practices. When you work with me, these are the values that inform my perspective and strategy for your business.

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Values & Coaching Style

Value #1

Elevating others is cool. Exploiting them is not.

We pay people what they’re worth around here, and we don’t let folx work for free. We look for ways to leverage privilege and access to make space for other entrepreneurs - and get out of the way so they can win, too.

Value #2

People are free to be whoever they are.

​I intend to show up as myself for every coaching session, profanity and sass and humanness in tow. You better show up as yourself, too.

Value #3

Dress codes are inherently classist and overtly sexist.

I’ll wear makeup and a suit if I feel like it. But my knowledge, experience, and self are equally worthy in a sloppy bun and sweats. My respect for you won’t hinge on what you wear or how you look, and I expect the same from you.

Value #4

Accountability, honesty, and authority are key to doing good business on your own terms.

The only thing you can’t wear in my presence are rose-colored glasses. I don’t do toxic positivity, and I don’t do weakness. Bring your backbone and your A game. Boss up, babe.


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